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The next generation of Real-time Fuel and Fleet Management solutions…

The Sapphire terminal uses its online connectivity to automatically transfer all transaction data to a secure website in seconds, leaving behind the requirement for downloads and manual interaction with the fuel management terminal.

Track every litre of fuel dispensed from the pump

Reduce stock loss from your fuel tank

Monitor fuel consumption of your fleet

Manage driver performance

Bus Depots, Transport Depots, Local Authority Yards, Airports and Marinas…
Make Sapphire the solution.

Why Choose Sapphire?

Cut Your Fuel Costs

It’s never been so easy to monitor the fuel costs of your business – total efficiency and piece of mind.

Monitor Every Litre

Total awareness of every litre of fuel delivered, pumped and consumed.

Save Money

Improve your fleets performance using real-time vehicle and driver statistical reports.

Greater Control

24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems – reduce stock losses.