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What we do – Fuel Management Solutions

Centaur provide solutions to satisfy a variety of Fuel Management needs…

Fuel Retailers & Resellers … Fleet Vehicle Managers … Automated Fueling … Construction Site Managers … Fuel related Service Providers … Consultants & Project Managers … Managers of Critical Fuel Appliances

Fuel Retailers & Resellers

Centaur can satisfy all of the fuelling requirements of Fuel Retailers & Resellers who sell fuel via Fuel Cards.

Centaur are the main UK distributor of MCS’s Sapphire range of Fuel Management Systems. They fully integrate with all major Fuel Cards and a wide range of Centaur supplied or 3rd party fuelling equipment.

Accurate, automated monitoring of fuel use across all of your accounts 24 x 7, securely, in real-time across any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Information is supplied in easy to digest reports 

Centaur provide you with a single point of contact and accountability from design, installation through to maintenance. 

Fleet Vehicle Managers

We provide a comprehensive range of services to Organisations who manage their own or 3rd party Fleet of vehicles.

Create your own fuel station (including Adblue) on your own site.  Use a single card to control fuel drawn in your own yard and on the road.

Stock control and reconciliation. Transactions, Vehicle & mileage capture; Onroad fuelling data accessible from any web enabled PC, tablet or Smart phone.

Alerts sent to you in real time to speedily spot anomalies such as vehicle fuel over-usage or fuel reconciliation issues

Our systems and equipment fully integrate with all major Fuel Cards.

Construction Site Managers

The uses of fuel on Construction Sites can vary widely depending on the building use,  the vehicles and the equipment being used.

Centaur are fully experienced in providing fuelling solutions (including Adblue) to on-site Construction Managers where fuel is required for fleet vehicles or to complete construction work.

Whether the fuelling installation is of a temporary or permanent nature, you can satisfy all your fuelling needs using our convenient one-stop-shop range of services.

We know Site Safety is a major concern for you but you can rest assured that our track record on Safety is second to none.

Automated Fueling Solutions

Automatically capture vehicle, driver ID and odometer readings using Wave or Datalink Touch.

Wave is our Sapphire Vehicle ID system which uses a contactless tag installed on vehicle.  The Wave contactless wand communicates with the reader and the Sapphire Fule Management unit detects the vehicle registration number.  Enter optional driver information.

Datalink Touch uses a unit installed in cab and automatically identifies the Vehicle registration number. The vehicle’s Odometer reading is captured from a driver tag onto either a Datalink box in the vehicle or directly onto our Sapphire Fuel Management unit.

Data is uploaded to our web portal software Total Site Manager (TSM) automatically in real-time.  Fully customisable transaction and performance reports are available .

Eliminate human error.   

Monitor vehicle and driver performance.   

Improve fleet efficiency. 

“Eddie Stobart operates over 2,200 trucks from 40 sites across the UK, Europe and Ireland and, as a leading logistics provider, seeks to ensure the most efficient, and cost-effective, operating models. We use the MCS Fuel Management terminals in conjunction with the TSM website to provide centralised, secure, real-time transaction and stock management reporting.

Our tank gauging systems at each depot link directly to the website, producing an updated stock figure with every transaction. We also use the stock reconciliation service which enables us to set-up automatic dip readings throughout the day on each of our tanks with a summary report that also highlights any discrepancies. With the recent added feature of importing our on-road fuel card transactions, we can now view a complete picture of all transactions at any locations enabling us to use the MPG vehicle performance reporting package on the TSM website.”

Paul Gossage, Fuel Manager
Eddie Stobart

Fuel related Service Providers

Centaur offer their full range of services to any organisation who has a requirement to provide Fuel Related Services.

Whether this is to satisfy a short term capacity issue or you’re looking to form a more permanent long‑term strategic relationship with an experienced, reliable contractor, you can be assured that Centaur can reliably satisfy your fuelling requirements cost‑effectively and safely whilst maintaining strict confidentiality.

If you trade in others part of the fuelling or related industries and are interested in forming a mutually beneficial trading relationship with Centaur, please contact us for further discussion.

Consultants & Project Managers

Centaur can provide Managers of major engineering projects which require fuel services with comprehensive support, installation and after-care service.

We can advise on the most appropriate design, technical, engineering, and equipment requirements.

We can assist with writing tender documents (and then promptly complete them!!)

Our Directors can fully manage your project on site or simply install to your instructions

Whatever the need Centaur are your convenient, single source supplier and are always on hand to support you all the way! 

Managers of Critical Fuel Appliances

When your requirement for fuel is critical to the operation of your business or even potentially life threatening, it is imperative to ensure your fuel partner can respond promptly with a comprehensive range of expert services from a single source.

Such is the case where fuel is required to maintain critical appliances such as Boilers, Heating, Generators, and Live Events etc.

Our Sapphire Generator product has been designed specifically for these circumstances (see video).

Whether you need help with Design, Installation, Repair, Maintenance or for Emergencies, Centaur can give you the backup to maintain your fuelling equipment 24 x 7 x 365 days a year.

Sapphire Generator

Sapphire Generator uses real-time technology to record and report all activities between a bulk tank and generators, live to our cloud.

It provide a full breakdown of on-site fuel costs providing the information needed to reconcile total fuel consumption and storage on site in real-time 24×7.  For more details see our Sapphire Generator page.