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Fuel Management Systems

Introducing the Sapphire Range of Fuel Management Systems…

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Next generation Real‑time Fuel Management solutions from MCS, installed by Centaur

MCS (Multiple Card Systems) design and manufacture cloud based management tools which allow you to efficiently observe and manage your fleet’s fuel movements and transaction information. With 20 years+ experience MCS have more than 16,500 systems installed globally,

Centaur have been the main UK distributor of MCS equipment for 20+ years .  The relationship is one of a true partnership.  Centaur provide regular feedback on the specific needs of the clients and industries they serve and this important real-life feedback is used to include relevant features in the designs of MCS equipment.


The next generation of Real‑time Fuel and Fleet Management solutions…

The Sapphire terminal uses its online connectivity to automatically transfer all transaction data to a secure website in seconds, leaving behind the requirement for downloads and manual interaction with the fuel management terminal.

Track every litre of fuel dispensed from the pump

Reduce stock loss from your fuel tank

Monitor fuel consumption of your fleet

Manage driver performance

Bus Depots, Transport Depots, Local Authority Yards, Airports and Marinas…
Make Sapphire the solution.

Why choose Sapphire?

Reasons to choose the Sapphire range of Fuel Management Systems… 


Cut Your Fuel Costs

It’s never been so easy to monitor your fuel costs – total efficiency and piece of mind.

Monitor Every Litre

Total awareness of every litre of fuel delivered, pumped and consumed.

Save Money

Improve your fleets performance using real-time vehicle and driver statistical reports.

Greater Control

24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems – reduce stock losses.

Introducing the Sapphire..

Security, Savings, Real-time stock control and Reporting for medium to large fleets


Security, Savings, Real-time stock control and Reporting for medium to large fleets.

The Sapphire range of terminals are used in bus and transport depots and utilise Utilises Card, Touchkey or RFID Tag technology. See the video below to get an overview of Sapphire and a demo of the software interface.

Compatibility with all major fuel cards makes this system ideal for the business that wants to use one card to control fuel drawn in their own yard and on the road. There is a Sapphire terminal to suit all requirements and budgets. The Sapphire terminal can be linked to several models of Tank Gauge to show complete stock and transaction activity on the same screen. The Sapphire terminal also works in conjunction with the MCS VIB Datalink in cab device range to guarantee kilometre/mileage information for fuel management reporting.

Seamless integration with our TSM Service

Sapphire terminals communicate in real-time with the Total Site Manager website (TSM)

The complete Fuel Management package, stock control, transactions, vehicle and Mileage capture & on road fuelling data accessible from any web enabled PC, tablet or Smart phone.

  • Online real time technology
  • Compatible with all major fuel cards
  • Access via chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, keys, fobs, contactless or wireless devices
  • Motorized, push pull or swipe card readers available
  • Real-time online management of the terminal & all data via a secure website
  • Compatible with all major pump suppliers incl. Tokheim, Pumptronics, Gilbarco & Dresser Wayne

Introducing the Sapphire Lite…

Cost effective, entry level fuel management terminals for small to medium size fleets


Next generation, cost effective entry level fuel management terminals for small-medium size fleets.

About Sapphire Lite

Track every litre of fuel or fluid dispensed with the Sapphire Lite terminal, the next generation of entry level Fuel Management terminals, utilising Contactless technology for secure and controlled fuelling.

The Lite solution provides cost effective Fuel Management with vehicle/driver and stock reporting via the secure MCS Connect website. Our MCS Connect website is a money saving business tool providing user friendly reporting and reconciliation.

Access MCS Connect from any web enabled PC, tablet or smartphone eliminating the requirement for software installed on only one PC. Unlimited users have access to the MCS Connect website and complete control of who can access and modify transaction and stock data.

  • Secure contactless technology
  • Track every litre of fuel by vehicle or driver
  • Capacity for 2000+ transactions
  • Up to 250 users
  • Overide switch available for manual fuelling
  • Centralised reporting
  • 2 Pump option available
  • Stock reconciliation
  • Track Multiple Sites all under one page
  • No local software needed – runs from any device with a usb port and internet!

Contact us today on 0844 858 6323 for a competitive quote

Complete control at your fingertips… Start Saving with the Sapphire Solution Today

Introducing Sapphire Generator…

Reasons to choose the Sapphire range of Fuel Management Systems… 


Record and report all activities between a bulk tank and generators in real-time

About Sapphire Generator

When your requirement for fuel is critical to the operation of your business or even potentially life threatening, it is imperative to ensure your fuel partner can respond promptly with a comprehensive range of expert services from a single source.

Such is the case where fuel is required to maintain critical appliances such as Boilers, Heating, Generators, and Live Events etc. Our Sapphire Generator product has been designed specifically for these circumstances

Generator uses real-time technology to record and report all activities between the bulk tank and generators, live to our cloud:

  • Fuel delivered to site
  • Fuel stored in bulk tank
  • Fuel burn of upto 4 generators feeding from 1 bulk tank

It provides a full breakdown of on-site fuel costs giving you the information needed to reconcile total fuel consumption and storage on site in real-time 24x7.

Generator is perfect for

  • Construction projects
  • Critical applications such as Hospitals and Data Centres
  • Major outdoor live events.

Other Features include:

  • Light vehicle refueling functionality.
  • Integrated router to take advantage of 2G, 3G & 4G communications.
  • Built in GPS and antenna auto-updates TSM with tracking and location services.
  • Weatherproof terminal enclosure Use in any enviroment, country or region.
  • Real time stock control. Live transaction and burn rates.
  • Fully customisable report builder.
  • Reports accessible through the TSM (Total Site Manager) web portal
  • Save and automate report sending to multiple recipients.
  • Full range of reports, graphs and exports readily available out of the box
  • Send via email, SFTP or via our API
  • View multiple tanks, sites & generators from one screen via central web portal

Enquire how Sapphire Generator can satisfy your critical Fuel Management needs by contacting Centaur today on 0844 858 6323

Complete control at your fingertips… Start Saving with the Sapphire Solution Today

Brochure Downloads…

Sapphire Brochures

Sapphire Brochure

(Medium to Large Fleets)

Sapphire Spec Sheet

(Medium to Large Fleets)

Sapphire Lite

(Small to Medium Fleets)

Sapphire Lite Spec Sheet

(Small to Medium Fleets)

Sapphire Receipt
Spec Sheet

(Small to Medium Fleets)