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Cloud based Fuel Management … Sapphire & Sapphire Lite … Sapphire Generator … Total Site Manager … Uptime … Cloud Gauge … Automated Fueling

Cloud based Fuel Management solutions

Centaur have a cloud based solutions for all your fuel management needs.

  • Cut Your Fuel Costs
  • Monitor Every Litre of fuel delivered, pumped and consumed.
  • Save Money by improving your fleets performance using real-time reports.
  • Reduce stock loss with 24/7 access to your depot stocks and fueling systems
  • Accessible 24×7, 365 days/year via any web based mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Complete control at your fingertips – Centaur have the solution.

Sapphire - the complete Fuel Management package

Complete management of your fuel usage – delivered, pumped and cosumed.

  • Stock control, transactions, vehicle and mileage capture, on road fuelling 
  • Data accessible from any web enabled PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.
  • Compatibile with all major fuel cards and pump suppliers
  • Can be linked Tank Gauges to show full stock and transaction activity.
  • Use chip or magnetic stripe cards, keys, fobs, contactless or wireless devices
  • Real-time online management via Total Site Manager secure web portal

Sapphire for Medium‑Large fleets with Total Site Manager interface overview

TSM in action – our easy to use, real-time online portal software.

  • Automated notifications/alerts (eg deliveries/stock loss, vehicle service due)
  • Accessible 24/7/365 via any web enabled PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.
  • Configurable for any country in the world – currencies & tax rates etc.
  • Manage Customers, Cards, Sites, Vehicles, Drivers, Reports and Transactions.
  • Configure user security levels and Groups.
  • Customise and  automate reports. Export data. Graphical interface.

Sapphire Lite - Entry-level Fuel Management for Small‑Medium fleets

Control fuel costs with secure, controlled fuelling at your local fuelling facility.

  • Only entry-level solution with 2 pump option for use with Adblue and Diesel
  • Contactless tags auto-identify vehicle/driver.  Enter mileage at the terminal.
  • No local software. Vehicle, driver, stock reports via our ‘Connect’ web portal.
  • Secure data transfer via USB stick. Upload via USB on web enabled PC or…..
  • …optionally auto-upload and sync data via 3G communication (Online Plan)
  • User friendly reporting across Dates, Tags, Sites, Vehicles and Drivers

Sapphire Lite - upgrade from USB to our Online Plan

Removes the need to manually upload data from USB stick using 3G comms.

  • Ideal for unmanned sites
  • Easy install comms box makes the upgrade process simple
  • Sync upload of data to the ‘Connect’ portal at a time & frequency to suit you
  • ‘Connect’ portal automatically refreshes any terminal and tag changes
  • Automatically uploads new transaction information to the cloud
  • View updated transactions via any web enabled PC, tablet or smart phone

Sapphire Generator

Record all activities between bulk tank and generators. Reconcile total fuel consumption and storage on site in real-time 24×7.

  • Ideal for critical projects like Hospitals, Data Centres & Outdoor live events.
  • Fuel delivered to site, stored in bulk tank and burn of upto 4 generators.
  • Light vehicle refueling functionality.
  • Integrated router to take advantage of 2G, 3G & 4G communications.
  • Built in GPS and antenna – auto-updates TSM with tracking & location data.
  • Real-time online management via Total Site Manager secure web portal.

Total Site Manager Mobile App

Convenient Fuel Management from a mobile phone.

  • Map View
  • Real-time stock levels
  • Enter Dips and Deliveries
  • Re-order level push notifications
  • Live transaction activity
  • Real-time Card & Tag Management

Uptime - Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance

Uptime, the next generation of hardware diagnostics automatically monitors, diagnoses and reports the status of your fuel equipment and systems.

  • Fully integrated with Sapphire. Pro-actively manage your fuel in real-time.
  • Use logs to plan activities. Save money on servicing and contract costs.
  • Remote maintenance – Terminal re-boot, pump activation etc
  • Diagnostics – Graphical Statistics; Humidity, Weather; Shock alerts; Battery/Flash Drive Life; Connectivity-Sites on/offline; Power supply and stability; Card Reader/Keypad issues; Pump status and issues.
  • Real-time map of all sites; Live, email and push notifications
  • Interactive dashboard. Mobile, laptop, Desktop PC/Mac. Multi-Display

Cloud Gauge - Control Multiple Tank and Site Stocks

Cloud Gauge communicates automatically with our secure stock management web portal, sending real-time updates for single or multiple tank stocks. 

  • Integrates with the markets most popular tank gauge systems.
  • Simple cable connection.
  • Easy and effective web based stock reconciliation.
  • Customise stock updates frequency to suit – daily, hourly or real-time.
  • Email auto-notifies depot manager or fuel supplier a delivery is needed.
  • Receive notifications of a delivery and stock levels are updated.

Datalink Touch & Wave - Automated Fueling

Automatic driver identfication, vehicle Identification and mileage capture.

  • Datalink Touch unit is installed in cab.
  • GPS tracking logs odometer.
  • Vehicle identified and Odometer captured from driver tag.
  • Capture onto Datalink Vehicle box or onto Sapphire Reader.
  • Data is uploaded to Total Site Manager (TSM) automatically in real-time.
  • Fully customisable transaction and performance reports available in TSM

VIB3 Tank Registration - Automated Fueling

See the VIB3 Tank registration system in action.

  • Automatic connection between the vehicle and Sapphire terminal.
  • Vehicle details are shared automatically.
  • Tag is mounted in Tag slot/holder. Vehicle is then approved to fuel.
  • Vehicle ID/number and mileage is transferred.
  • Transaction authorised and Pump is activated/started.
  • Optional Driver number is entered and fueling is started.
  • Adblue is also released and registered.
  • Fueling is finished and Pump is stopped.
  • All data is transferred in Real-time onto the TSM website.